CodeDeposit – (re)learning in C

As most major IT companies would tell you, it is important to keep sharp at basic algorithms and Computer Science theory. If you’re not fresh out of school, chances are that most of the basic stuff will start fading away.

I was starting to feel that about 1 year after graduation, so I decided to go back to the practical core of Computer Science: algorithms and data structures, aided by the classic Introduction to Algorithms by Cromen & Leiserson. C was my language of choice: although by this point I’m more comfortable with Java, C gives the programmer much more control over what’s going on in the machine, which in my opinion is extremely relevant to the process of learning algorithms.

I’ve deliberately chosen to use the bare minimum in terms of libraries, which means I’ll be using basically only C standard library. I do the actual coding in Notepad++ and compile with gcc. Up-to-date code can be found at my github account, linked to the right, on the sidebar.

My goal with this blog is both to relearn and to provide useful code and explanations for other students who are starting out at CS. For that purpose, I try being as instructive and didactical I can. However, understand that no material here is fail-proof; there will inevitably be (many) errors, bugs and typos – please don’t hold them against me. I will be happy if you point them out.

— Leonardo Brito

One thought on “CodeDeposit – (re)learning in C

  1. Gostei muito da iniciativa original; tanto que me motivou a fazer o mesmo, para relembrar e praticar mais programação do que eu habitualmente estou acostumado.

    Além disso, um Blog muito bem escrito sobre um tema que estimula voltar ao básico, com a vizeira apontada para melhorar o que já se faz e se pretende fazer no futuro, é bem vindo em nossa leitura diária.

    Parabéns pela escolha temática que recorre a fortalecer nossos alicerces de programação.

    — Diego Fernando

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